• Marine Military Academy

    The only private school in the world based on the traditions
    & values of the U.S. Marine Corps.

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  • Admiral Farragut Academy

    Leadership. Naval Science. Aviation.
    Marine Science. Sailing. Scuba. Engineering.

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  • Carson Long
    Military Academy

    Our unique family atmosphere challenges boys to succeed.

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  • Riverside Military Academy

    RMA - Best for Boys

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marine military academy summer camp

Summer Schools and Summer Camps

Summer is a busy time for every Military School. Many of the schools offer Summer Camps and Summer School programs, some of which are a mixture of school and camp. Families use the summer to explore the boarding school experience or as a time for something fun and educational to help their students learn & grow. Students make friends and develop skills that will last a lifetime. Most summer students/campers are new to military school.

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military school character development

How Military Schools Develop Character

My parents sacrificed by allowing me to attend a military boarding school. They gave up a lot of time with me and they spent a lot of money on tuition and expenses. I still owe them an immeasurable debt to them and I still cannot fully appreciate this experience they gave me. I also owe a great debt to the wonderful people at my boarding school who went grey (or bald) helping me and thousands like me, to grow up in one of the most unique environments that a student can experience. During the first few days of this school year, I interviewed several military schools to better understand their processes and motivation for this all important and difficult job.

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