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Matriculation at Marine Military Academy

Survival Kit for Military Boarding School

Whether you are a Frog, New Cadet, Plebe, RAT, ROK, Rook, Scrub, Trainee or a returning cadet, welcome to military school! This list will help you make the best of your passage into life on a military school campus and should help your parents to send more care packages.

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ORMA President

Interview with Oak Ridge Military Academy President

We are privileged to have Mr. John Haynes, president of Oak Ridge Military Academy, join us by phone for our Head of School Podcast series.

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Silver Taps at New Mexico Military Institute

Unique Traditions at Military School

We explore different traditions of the Military Boarding Schools. From how they build community, unique ceremony's and awards, love-hate relationships with public speaking, steak dinners and losing their shirts.

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Learn more about New York Military Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy Homecoming Court

Homecoming Photo Story

Homecoming weekend is a special event in the year of each military academy. Parents and alumni come back to campus and cadets get to show off their school. Hopefully the football team wins the game, parent and teacher conferences go well (they usually do) and all the cadets dance until the last song.

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Riverside Military Academy Community Service

Military Schools Serving Others

Cadets are expected to contribute to their community. This helps build their self-esteem, builds civic and social responsibility, provides professional experience, and allows them to help their faculty and staff give back to the community.

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