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New Mexico Military Institute - Roswell, NM

Most beautiful military school

Most Beautiful Military School

These fine schools are the most beautiful Military Boarding Schools as decided upon by the internet. Thank you to all cadets, alumni, parents, families, friends, and all others, who took the time to vote. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

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Silver Taps at New Mexico Military Institute

Unique Traditions at Military School

We explore different traditions of the Military Boarding Schools. From how they build community, unique ceremony's and awards, love-hate relationships with public speaking, steak dinners and losing their shirts.

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NMMI Open House

10 Inside Tips for Admissions Visits

Each family is unique, looking for its own solutions and opportunities. This guide will help you get the most from your visit to campus.

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Christmas at Military School

Christmas at Military School

Enjoy some music from the Christmas Celebrations at Military Schools around the United States.

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Admiral Farragut Academy Homecoming Court

Homecoming Photo Story

Homecoming weekend is a special event in the year of each military academy. Parents and alumni come back to campus and cadets get to show off their school. Hopefully the football team wins the game, parent and teacher conferences go well (they usually do) and all the cadets dance until the last song.

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marine military academy

Why Military School is great for students with ADD & ADHD

As many adolescents do, I struggled with my ADD in a traditional private school. While I didn’t lack intelligence or knowledge, my grades and behavior in school and at home was subpar, at best. On top of this, since I was always in trouble and receiving bad grades, my personal confidence was really low.

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