Military School Events

Hargrave Open House


Jul 20th, 2019


10:30 am
2:00 pm

Event Location

Hargrave Campus
200 Military Drive
Chatham, VA


RSVP Required

Military Schools Attending
Hargrave Military Academy
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Hargrave prepares young men for life by fostering mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Rigorous academic instruction focuses on the foundation of knowledge necessary for college and on the development of critical thinking and learning skills. Character development and spiritual growth are woven throughout the Hargrave experience; faculty and staff members ensure that every aspect of school life nurtures each student’s worth, potential, and integrity. The diverse student body and the military structure provide a rich environment for personal growth and leadership development while the emphasis on physical activity and sports promotes self-confidence, boosts self-image, and instills an appreciation for fitness and teamwork. This focus on the whole person builds leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

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