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Coed | Camp Only | Grades: 9 - 12

Battleground, AL, USA


Extreme Military Challenge T he Extreme Military Challenge! Military Summer Camp (XMC) is the premier program of its type on the finest facility available. XMC's senior staff have 25+ years experience running Military Summer Camps in locations throughout the United States, providing thousands of teenagers the opportunity to experience the military lifestyle through realistic and challenging programs. XMC has programs from 2 to 5 weeks long and provides training to 200+ each summer.

XMC is a physical military camp with no traditional academic program. All programs are conducted on Camp Liberty, which is a 75-acre facility specifically designed for Cadet training, including a military-regulation obstacle course and rappel tower; zip lines and low-ropes course; and a staff with 350+ years of combined military experience. Specialty programs are also offered during the winter and the Cadet Staff Ride. Tuition includes all uniforms and training materials.

Camp Programs at Extreme Military Challenge!

  • XMC - Cadet Basic Training
    xmc basic training

    XMC - Cadet Basic Training


    Cadet Basic Training (CBT) is a two-week, high-adventure, introduction to military life. You will train, sweat and find your inner-strength with other young people from around the world. Recruits are led by seasoned Drill Sergeants, officers and NCOs who instill a high level of personal pride, self-discipline and internal confidence in each recruit. Highlights of CBT include marksmanship training, rappelling, taking on a confidence course, and a formal Graduation Ceremony as the final event. Age range is 13-18, not based on grade.

    • Coed
    • Ages: 13 - 18
    • Cost: $2,450
    • July 9th, 2017 - July 22nd, 2017

  • XMC - Cadet Field Leader Course
    xtreme military challenge field leader

    XMC - Cadet Field Leader Course


    The Cadet Field Leader Course (CFLC) is a two-week basic leadership program, based on the Army's Warrior Leader Course. Cadets are exposed to leadership traits and principles, while also working to develop an awareness of how they fit into a team. This is a heavily field-based program, with teamwork exhibited in a fireteam, squad and platoon environment. Age range is 13-18, not based on grade.

    • Coed
    • Ages: 13 - 18
    • Cost: $2,550
    • July 9th, 2017 - July 22nd, 2017

  • XMC - Cadet Ranger School
    Extreme military training ranger school

    XMC - Cadet Ranger School


    Cadet Ranger School is the toughest and most intense of our programs. This training is reserved for young men and women, age 16 and older, who are driven to excel within a military training environment. Cadets and Explorers of other military style programs, who have completed a 10-day or longer recruit training program, may apply to attend. After completing Phase I (three weeks) cadets may enroll in Phase II (3 weeks).

    • Coed
    • Ages: 16 - 18
    • Cost: $3,250
    • July 9th, 2017 - July 29th, 2017

  • XMC - Cadet SCUBA School
    xmc scuba camp

    XMC - Cadet SCUBA School


    The Cadet SCUBA School is a one-week program designed for current Cadets or adult cadre with JROTC, XMC and other Cadet programs. Completion of the XMC two-week Cadet Basic Training Course, or a comparable program, or at least one-year in a militarily-structured Cadet program, is required to attend. Minimum age is 15, with no exceptions. Upon successful completion, each trainee will be certified as an Open Water Diver. This program is operated by Extreme Military Challenge!, with SCUBA training and certification provided by contract instructors.

    • Coed
    • Ages: 15 - 18
    • Cost: $1,550
    • July 23rd, 2017 - July 29th, 2017

  • XMC - US Drill Academy

    XMC - US Drill Academy


    The U.S. Drill Academy is a one-week residential drill program designed for current Cadets in JROTC, XMC, Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets and Military Schools and other Cadet programs. This program is hosted by Extreme Military Challenge! and executed by Competitive Outcomes. Minimum age is 15, with no exceptions.

    • Coed
    • Ages: 14 - 18
    • Cost: $750
    • July 23rd, 2017 - July 29th, 2017

  • XMC - Cadet Combat Engineer
    cadet combat engineer camp

    XMC - Cadet Combat Engineer


    This course will train you in engineering basics, project planning, bridge/structure construction, site preparation and physical security. You will learn how to plan for the construction of a building while considering the combat security aspects. After completion of the course you will have experience in building a structure from the ground up including heavy equipment operation, construction, plumbing and electrical work. Minimum age is 15, with no exceptions.

    • Coed
    • Ages: 15 - 18
    • Cost: $2,950
    • No Dates Scheduled

  • XMC - Cadet Aviation Challenge
    extreme military camp aviation

    XMC - Cadet Aviation Challenge


    Cadets in the Cadet Aviation Challenge will have both ground school and actual flight time. Cadets will leave with an official log-book with flight time able to be used towards their pilot's license Graduates of the Cadet Aviation Challenge will be awarded the XMC Student Pilot's wings for wear on their uniform, or for display. Minimum age is 15, with no exceptions.

    • Coed
    • Ages: 15 - 18
    • Cost: $1,450
    • July 23rd, 2017 - July 29th, 2017

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"LIVING THE DREAM"...or "IN THE SUCK." - Military folks are odd at times (myself included). There are times they will complain, no matter how good they have it. Others will let you know - no matter how austere the conditions - that they are "Living the Dream" and as happy as can be. Almost all military folks take pride as they "Embrace the suck," meaning that the situation is tough, dirty, "sucky," yet there's no need to complain, so they need to embrace it, make the best of it, and keep driving on. They realize that what they do is important and needs to be accomplished, and they answered the call. As I've said, military service is not for the selfish. As I visited our "troops" at our Field Training Exercise (FTX) site for the Cadet Field Leader Course, and watch the Cadet Ranger School rolling around Camp Liberty at all hours, I am always impressed by how much these teenagers truly "embrace the suck." While their friends are back home, sleeping until noon, hanging out at the mall, or wasting hours on end on mindless video games, these Challengers have been DOING something...and they are doing it well! The Cadets of the Field Leader Course are in the field through Thursday morning. They are on a 50 acre location, broken into two competing teams, deep in the woods. The Cadet Ranger School is preparing to train at Coffey Grounds, a separate location. This portion of our program isn't about marching and their beds being made just right. This is the time when they rotate leadership positions, maintain 24/7 operations, sleep under the stars, and respond to a multitude of scenarios thrown at them by the Cadre. They aren't **playing** "Call of Duty" stupid games...they are LIVING in a real-world environment. Much like Soldiers, they are dirty, most a bit smelly (showers later), they are tired, eating and trading MREs, and they are holding each other accountable in order to fulfill their mission. Despite all that, they are smiling, laughing and...well...they have learned to "embrace the suck." They are developing leadership, accountability, communication skills and confidence...all valuable skills, no matter where they go in life. Is all of it fun? No, it's not. There are times when we have to make the best of the challenges which are placed before us. There are times when we accept that adversity creates strength. There are times when we simply "embrace the suck" and drive on, no matter what gets in our way. These are life lessons which will stay with these young men and women for a long time to come. I'm very proud of all of your young Challengers. I visited the Cadet Field Leader Course last night, simply chatting about their experiences, and being reminded why I still do this after all these years. They really are extraordinary young people and they are doing things their friends can only imagine. You truly have some extraordinary young man and women, and I look forward to having many of them return to us next summer, as well as during the Cadet Staff Ride and Cadet Winter Tactical Skills Course. We have "two days and a wake-up" until the largest Graduation Review of the year. Our final week will have about 50 Cadets, with the final week of Cadet Ranger School and the one-week Cadet SCUBA School and Cadet Aviation Challenge, which will graduate on Camp Liberty on 29 Jul 17...and then 11 months to plan for next year! :) Mega-Hooah! . . COL Land "Liberty 6"

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