Fishburne Military School Fishburne Military School

Fishburne Quickfacts:

All Boys | Full Boarding, 5-Day, Day, & International | Grades: 7 - 12

Waynesboro, VA, USA

Fishburne Military School

Mission: The mission of Fishburne Military School is to provide each cadet with a sound academic foundation, a healthy mental and physical environment, and leadership training for a better understanding of the obligations of honor, citizenship, and self-discipline.

T he small school on top of the hill was founded in 1879. FMS is oldest and smallest of all military schools in Virginia. Its college-prep curriculum is built upon the structure of an Army JROTC program. FMS is designated as a JROTC Honor Unit with Distinction and may nominate qualified candidates to the United States Service Academies. Fishburne hosts one of only four Summer JROTC programs in the nation, accredited by US Army Cadet Command.

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  • Academics
    The main focus at Fishburne is academics, all other activities support academics. Fishburne focuses on the "Whole Man". With small classes and dedicated professors, personal attention is given to every student.


    With a small class, you cannot fly under the radar.


    AdvancED (SACS) | VAIS | AMCSUS

    Degrees Offered

    Standard High School


    Average Class Size:10
    Total Faculty:18
    Advanced Degrees:6
    ESL Program:No
    ADD/ADHD Support:Yes
    Learning Differences Support:No

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  • Faith
    Fishburne Military School Campus

    Cadets are encouraged to practice their faith as part of their Whole Man education. There are several churches in walking distance and arrangements can be made for other churches.


  • Military
    Fishburne Military School Marching

    Fishburne Military School is designated as an Honor Unit with Distinction within US Army Cadet Command’s 4th Brigade. As an Honor Unit with Distinction, FMS may nominate qualified cadets to any of the United States Service Academies.

    Military Activities

    • Academic Bowl
    • Armed Drill
    • Color Guard
    • Cyber Patriots
    • Exhibition Drill
    • Leadership Bowl
    • Raiders
    • Unarmed Drill


    FMS is oldest and smallest of all military schools in Virginia.


  • Athletics / Clubs / Activities

    Fishburne Athletics:

    Fishburne Football

    Fishburne offers many different sports and cadets are required to participate in two each year.


    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Lacrosse
    • Rifle Team
    • Soccer
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Track And Field
    • Wrestling

    Clubs & Activities

    • Airsoft
    • Aviation - Summer Only
    • Boy Scouts Of America - Troop 1879
    • Key Club
    • National Honor Society
    • National Junior Honor Society
    • Newspaper
    • Paintball
    • Photography Club
    • Rocketry
    • Yearbook


    The primary objective of Fishburne Military School is to provide a structured environment and centering to allow each cadet to succeed to his maximum potential, and to develop each cadet into a responsible and ethical citizen who will excel as a concerned leader in society.


Other Programs at Fishburne

  • Fishburne Summer Session

    Fishburne Summer Session

    Fishburne Military School has designed a five-week Summer Session especially for students who: want to improve study skills, wish to prepare for SATs, must earn additional credits for graduation, would benefit from JROTC adventure training and confidence building, are seeking a structured and caring academic environment, and enjoy daily extra-curricular athletics and activities

    • Boys Only
    • Grades: 7 - 12
    • Dates Unknown

Upcoming Fishburne Events

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Fishburne Admissions

Fishburne Admissions:

Fishburne is a small school with a maximum total enrollment of 180 cadets. With rolling admissions, boys can apply at any time.

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $34,000
5 Day Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $28,900
Day Student Tuition: $16,000
International Tuition, Room & Board: $33,900

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Total Enrollment:180
Application Deadline:Rolling
Application Fee:$50
International Application Fee:$50
Financial Aid Offered:No
Scholarships Available:Yes

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  • Kenneth Gistedt
    2017-03-25 18:41:00

    I graduated from the "School On The Hill" in the the class of 1968. People have always asked me, what did Fishburne Military School do for you? I always tell them that the daily life structure, the self discipline and the brotherhood that you gain is something that will stay with you the rest of your life and will make you stand out from others. Just like the "School On The Hill". The lessons learned helped guide me in many aspects of my life. The best part is that you will always be part of the Fishburne family.

  • tim rose
    2017-03-22 18:09:46

    Our son had the choice of several Military School's. He decided on Fishburne (it wasn't my first choice, but was his) so we went with it. We are proud to announce that it was a great choice! He has gained leadership skills, has made great friends with some international students, was MVP of the cross-country team, etc. Fishburne is building a strong cross country team for now and in the future. If your son is a long distance runner or likes to run, sign him up :)

  • Karen Black
    2017-03-15 16:16:02

    I know that Fishburne Military School, would be a great place to send your sons. It is the oldest private military high school in VA, with a wonderful reputation for Excellence in all areas to mold a well educated and well balanced student. Waynesboro, is an awesome place to have your children learn the beauty of a small town atmosphere, with a big town dream for their young people. I lived in a very small town in WV., and we made a decision to send our son to another military college in Lexington, VA., VMI. We were a working class family, and had no idea how we were going to fulfill our son's dream. Where there is a will, they is a way. He was one of the Leaders of the Corp his Senior Year, and on to a very Rewarding career in the Navy. We are more than proud of what he has accomplished in all areas of his life. I know for a fact, that your children will be well taken care of at Fishburne, because my son, is the Superintendent there. Go Caissons!

  • sharlin oren
    2017-03-10 19:49:56

    Beautiful school with strong effective emphasis on education and traditional values. 2 sons went there because they chose to attend. Both respect our flag and country and both have become quite sucessful in their respective business. Susan Johnson was their school mom and highly respected by all. Their education was not easy to obtain but they rose to the demands of their studies. They have used these same skills in dealing with life.

  • Norma Davis
    2017-03-10 14:32:18

    Fishburne is a very pretty school with main buildings of classical architecture. The curriculum and discipline is great and provided excellent education to two of my grandsons during their final HS years.

  • Karen White
    2017-03-10 09:22:01

    I sent two of my sons to Fishburne. If you want a young man to grow up to show respect to others and our flag, Fishburne is the place to send them. Both of my sons are complimented frequently for their manners when they greet people which is a necessary skill when working with people. One of my sons attended during the school year and had the pleasure of meeting U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and various high-ranked military personnel, and he also presented the flag during a Nationals game and an Orioles game. My other son only attended summer school in order to get ahead in his school work. The faculty and staff of FMS are very concerned about these boys and work very hard to help develop them into strong young men physically and mentally. I highly recommend this school. Special kudos to Asst. Supt. Susan Johnson who has been working with these boys for 30+ years.

  • Ron Koster
    2017-03-09 21:28:37

    Fishburne made me into the man I am today. A great place to become a thriving young man and a gentleman. I made friends there I still have to this day. A great school and a great curriculum.

  • Tina Danley
    2017-03-09 14:06:21

    I have a cousin that attended Fishburne, he needed a school with more structure then a public school. Fishburne was a good fit for him. He has been able to go on to college, Fishburne helped make that happen.

  • Kim Black
    2017-03-09 07:27:34

    We are so excited to be affiliated with Fishburne Military School. It is rich on history and tradition, the alumni are the best and very supportive. I am thrilled every time I attend an event at the school, seeing the wonderful young men going through their daily routines from classwork to marching to sporting events. A great school for all young men wanting to achieve their utmost.

  • ruffner scott lowman
    2017-03-09 00:22:08

    High upon the hill FMS stands strong well into it's third century! Go Caissons!!

  • Gene Moser
    2017-03-08 17:56:44

    Fishburne Military School shows its beauty in its classic structure as a military institution. All three buildings form a similar mold, though built years apart. It sits above the parade/athletic field and the city, like a castle guarding the people around it.

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