Hargrave Military Academy Hargrave Military Academy

Hargrave Quickfacts:

All Boys | Full Boarding, Day, & International | Grades: 7 - 12 & Postgrad

Chatham, VA, USA


H argrave builds young men into leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

Hargrave prepares young men for life by fostering mental, physical, and spiritual growth. Rigorous academic instruction focuses on the foundation of knowledge necessary for college and on the development of critical thinking and learning skills. Character development and spiritual growth are woven throughout the Hargrave experience; faculty and staff members ensure that every aspect of school life nurtures each student's worth, potential, and integrity. The diverse student body and the military structure provide a rich environment for personal growth and leadership development while the emphasis on physical activity and sports promotes self-confidence, boosts self-image, and instills an appreciation for fitness and teamwork. This focus on the whole person builds leaders of character prepared for lifelong success.

Mens sana in corpore sano (A sound mind in a sound body)

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  • Academics

    Hargrave Academics: https://hargrave.edu/academics/

    Hargrave Military Academy's faculty and administration approach each student holistically. Students who are physically, morally, and mentally fit are in a better position to make sound decisions, establish personal goals, and become productive citizens. The Academy's daily schedule is designed to develop each student's mental, physical, spiritual, and moral qualities. Hargrave's educational philosophy is anchored in a traditional college preparatory curriculum aimed at enabling critical thinking and inspiring a desire to learn within a diverse student body.

    One of the outstanding features of Hargrave Military Academy, over other high schools and military high schools, is its unique How to Study Program. The program is required for all Cadets, which includes fall and winter semesters and summer. Developed and continually revised by the Hargrave faculty, the How to Study Program can make a difference between academic success or continued academic frustration. The course covers ten basic topics, which Hargrave has designated as vital to academic success.


    The How to Study Program can make a difference between academic success or continued academic frustration.

    AP and College Classes

    • AP Calculus Ab
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP Physics I
    • AP United States History
    • Chem 101/l - General Chemistry I With Lab
    • Chem 102/l - General Chemistry Ii With Lab
    • Engl 101 - Writing And Research
    • Engl 102 - Introduction To Literary Genres


    AdvancEd (SACS) | VAIS | AMCSUS

    Degrees Offered

    College Prep, Standard High School


    ESL Program:Yes
    ADD/ADHD Support:Yes
    Learning Differences Support:No

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  • Faith

    At Hargrave, we firmly believe it is the duty, responsibility and honor, of all of the faculty and staff to assist with the spiritual development of the young men under our care. The Corps of Cadets is made up of individuals from diverse walks of life, experiences, and faith traditions. The spiritual life component at Hargrave is designed to meet the needs of all Cadets, regardless of their background or perspective on faith and spirituality, and assist all young men to grow into complete men of character. An essential component of their development is their spiritual maturity and well being. Spirituality is intrinsically connected to characteristics such as virtue, morality and ethics. This being so, we strive to assist all young men in growing into spiritually mature and analytical individuals.


    Spirituality is intrinsically connected to characteristics such as virtue, morality and ethics.


  • Military

    As a top-ranking college-preparatory boarding school, Hargrave Military Academy offers its Cadets a rich, century-long tradition in academics, athletics, character development, and faith development.

    Many Cadets choose Hargrave because their local schools have not provided what they need. Students come for the opportunity to learn leadership, build stronger SAT/ACT scores, and create a solid record of academic success. They find challenges on the athletic fields and opportunities for personal growth in service activities.

    At Hargrave Cadets learn the importance of a daily routine in achieving academic success. Cadets learn the value of intangibles such as honor, integrity and respect. They develop a moral compass that serves them throughout life. A Cadet comes to appreciate a spiritual underpinning as a key to their growth as young men of character. Hargrave Military Academy is a holds high standards and expectations in a unique environment.

    Hargrave's military program is designed to develop young leaders of character and prepare them for lifelong success.

    Military Activities

    • Camden Rifles
    • Color Guard
    • Eye Of The Tiger
    • Rifle Team


  • Athletics / Clubs / Activities

    Hargrave Athletics: https://hargrave.edu/athletics/


    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Diving
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Track And Field
    • Wrestling

    Clubs & Activities

    • Art
    • Band
    • Beta
    • Bible Study
    • Boy Scouts
    • Chess
    • Choir
    • Computer Science
    • Cross Fit
    • Highlanders
    • Larp
    • Martial Arts
    • Photo
    • Robotics
    • Scuba
    • Spanish
    • Triathlon


Other Programs at Hargrave

  • Hargrave Summer

    Hargrave Summer


    HMA's comprehensive summer program offers both academic growth and outdoor challenges for all students. The Academy's structure provides the backbone for each day, keeping students on task, on target and engaged. In the afternoon Hargrave coaches hold athletic camps, students compete in the Leadership Challenge camp, or students participate in the Adventure Camp. Many families use summer to see if Hargrave would be a good fit for the school year.

    • Boys Only
    • Grades: 8 - 12
    • Cost: $4,299
    • Dates Unknown

Upcoming Hargrave Events

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Hargrave Admissions

Hargrave Admissions: https://hargrave.edu/admission/

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $36,900
Day Student Tuition: $13,900
International Tuition, Room & Board: $46,900

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Application Fee:$75
International Application Fee:$250
Financial Aid Offered:Yes
Scholarships Available:Yes

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  • William Newton
    2017-03-15 22:34:50

    I have watched HMA grow as a Premier Military School for over 60 years . 50 Golden Years had Passed when I first arrived on Campus...Today @ 100 Years She is still a " Builder of Men" From Military Drive to the Rolling Virginia Farmland she sits on....I still call it Home. One Trip to the Campus and the Serene setting with it's Georgian Architecture and you will feel at home as well😊

  • Kenneth Scott
    2017-03-14 11:41:56

    A beautiful campus from many interest, as you arrive to see the buildings from a distance you are impressed, and as you approach the buildings you begin to appreciate the character of the buildings and the pride cadets and alumni have given to all the campus. A fantastic blending of the old and the modern to share the 100 plus years with visitors and alumni. You must see Hargrave to appreciate the character and charm of where boys become young men.

  • Andrew K.
    2017-03-11 14:51:53

    Beautiful inside and out, from facility to facility.

  • David E. Tower
    2017-03-11 13:29:03

    I graduated in 1960. Some of my fondest memories are of Hargrave, my teachers and the many friends I made when I attended.

  • Tabitha Burton
    2017-03-11 10:49:07

    Wonderful school for 3 generations of Burton's

  • Meredith K
    2017-03-10 17:32:59

    Hargrave will always be most beautiful to me!

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