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Massanutten Quickfacts:

Coed | Full Boarding, 5-Day, Day, & International | Grades: 6 - 12 & Postgrad

Woodstock, VA, USA

Massanutten Military Academy

Mission: Massanutten Military Academy’s mission is to prepare cadets for their success by delivering structure and a superior educational experience. Our unique approach involves an environment built on collaboration, critical thinking, and innovation.

Non Nobis Solum (Not For Ourselves Alone)

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  • Military
    Massanutten Military Academy JROTC

    Military Activities

    • Drill Team
    • Raiders
    • Rifle Team


  • Athletics / Clubs / Activities

    Massanutten Athletics:

    Massanutten Military Academy Football


    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cheer Leading
    • Football
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Tennis
    • Track And Field
    • Volleyball
    • Weightlifting
    • Wrestling


Other Programs at Massanutten

  • MMA - Academic Summer School
    massanutten summer school

    MMA - Academic Summer School

    Students are able to repeat core classes to make up for low or failing grades and take elective classes to get ahead. Repeat courses include English, Math, History, and Science. Elective courses include Art, SAT/ACT Prep, Study Skills, and STEM. In our Academic Summer School, Massanutten offers the safety of a structured learning environment, as well as the fun of a summer camp through a combination of classroom time and weekend activities. Credit for academic courses is transferable to your student's current school.

    • Coed
    • Grades: 9 - 12
    • Cost: $3,600
    • Dates Unknown

  • Massanutten ESL Summer Program
    massanutten esl summer school

    Massanutten ESL Summer Program

    A one to five-week English for Academics Program that utilizes ESL (English as a Second Language) coursework for students in grades 6-12. Students will learn English both in a classroom setting and through exciting field trips and through daily life as they interact with students from all over the United States.

    • Coed
    • Grades: 6 - 12
    • Cost: $3,200
    • Dates Unknown

  • MMA - STEM Summer Camp
    massanutten stem summer camp

    MMA - STEM Summer Camp

    We offer two two-week STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Camps designed to give students in grades 6-12 the opportunity to explore Energy and the Environment, Computer Science, Engineering, Flight and Space, and Bio-medical. Upon completion of STEM Camp, they will receive a certificate of completion for the courses.

    • Coed
    • Grades: 6 - 12
    • Cost: $2,150
    • Dates Unknown

  • MMA Colonels Summer Camp
    massanutten colonels summer camp

    MMA Colonels Summer Camp

    Colonel's Camp is a Middle School Leadership Program where students learn valuable skills that will help them as they prepare for the high school careers. This program focuses on values like Character, Leadership, Responsibility, and Service as well as building the capacity for life-long learning.

    • Coed
    • Grades: 6 - 8
    • Cost: $3,200
    • Dates Unknown

Upcoming Massanutten Events

Latest Massanutten News

Timeline Photos 11-30-2018

Throwback Thursday to last year’s cadet hike! These outings are a great time for cadets to put skills they have been learning into practice and bond with one another beyond our campus walls.

Timeline Photos 11-29-2018

One thing that makes MMA unique and superior to traditional education is that we really think about what the future will look like for our cadets once they leave our campus. This way of thinking has allowed us to create a curriculum that involves a heavy emphasis on STEM. By incorporating Project Lead the Way, a nationally recognized STEM program, we help middle and high school students identify their interests and plan an educational path in the STEM field.

Timeline Photos 11-22-2018

With about 25% of our cadets studying music, MMA has one of the most accomplished and established band programs in the region. Most schools only have participation rates of about 10-15%. Hearing them perform is always a treat!

Timeline Photos 11-21-2018

Giving Tuesday is in one week! We are looking ahead to our 120th Anniversary year and have set our goal at 120 donations. To help us reach our goal we are asking the MMA family to share this post and/or donate to MMA. No action is too small!! Thank you for the support!

New Video 11-11-2018

Massanutten Admissions

Massanutten Admissions:

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $34,000
5 Day Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $27,300
Day Student Tuition: $10,000
International Tuition, Room & Board: $40,150

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Total Enrollment:116
Application Deadline:Rolling
Application Fee:$50
International Application Fee:$50
Financial Aid Offered:No
Scholarships Available:Yes

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  • Fred Linn
    2017-03-26 20:38:01

    I went to this school in 1963 and 1964. I received a very good education there and had a really great experience.

  • C.young
    2017-03-20 18:43:49

    As MMA alumni I really miss being there. The school had great teachers that cared about there students and staff just the same. It's was first Sergeant Church who really changed my life when I was a cadet I owe him many thanks for taking the time to mold me in to the man I became today. Honor,loyalty,integrity,respect.. those were the words he drilled into our minds. A very good man that graced the halls at MMA. Hoo rah first Sergeant Church!

  • Jeremy Polakoff
    2017-03-14 20:06:06

    As a current cadet here, I love being here. It is a positive influence on me in my future desires and hopes. It has done nothing but shaped me into a respectable young man in this world. It has also provided me the tools in life and to create my own future. I hope to gain much success from this amazing school.

  • vu
    2017-03-14 19:15:50

    This school is really really nice

  • Oakland McCulloch
    2017-03-07 18:53:08

    This academy is just like any other experience in life; you get out of it what you put into it. Of course every high schooler would love to be at home, play videogames, stay out late with friends, and be their own person. That's not what this school is about. It's about taking responsibility for YOURSELF and developing yourself as a person and a leader, as well as academically and physically. MMA gives you the tools to succeed, all you have to do is apply yourself. I would not have been accepted to, nor graduated from the United States Military Academy without Massanutten Military Academy. MMA helped make me the man I am today,

  • Sara regan
    2017-03-06 15:55:01

    I love working here! Great school and we really care about our kids.

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