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MMA Quickfacts:

All Boys | Full Boarding, Day, & International | Grades: 7 - 12 & Postgrad

Mexico, MO, USA


Missouri Military Academy

Mission: Missouri Military Academy empowers young men to unlock their potential through a program of academic excellence, character, social development and leadership training within a structured environment.

Love, Honor, Truth

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  • Academics

    AP and College Classes

    • Academic Writing
    • AP Calculus Ab
    • AP Calculus Bc
    • AP Economics
    • AP Statistics
    • Essentials Of Reading And Writing
    • World History


    • Arabic (online)
    • Chinese
    • Spanish




    Missouri Military Academy Academics
    Average Class Size:15
    Class Schedule:4x4 Block
    College Attendance:98%
    Military Service:2%
    Total Faculty:30
    Advanced Degrees:24
    Average ACT:21
    Average SAT:1476
    ESL Program:Yes
    ADD/ADHD Support:No
    Learning Differences Support:Yes

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  • Military
    Missouri Military Academy JROTC

    Military Activities

    • Raiders
    • Rifle Team


  • Athletics / Clubs / Activities

    MMA Athletics: http://www.gocolonels.com/

    Missouri Military Academy Football


    • Basketball
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Lacrosse
    • Rugby
    • Soccer

    Clubs & Activities

    • Art
    • Bicycling
    • Boy Scouts
    • Duke Of Edinburgh’s International Award
    • Fishing
    • Horseback Riding And Equine Education
    • Paintball
    • Photography
    • Public Speaking/debate
    • Railsplitters
    • Wwii Re-enactment Group
    • Yearbook


  • History

    Established in 1889, MMA was built by A.J. Fleet and funded by local townspeople, including former Missouri governor Charles Hardin. The Academy quickly thrived until 1896, when a fire swept through the campus, killing none but destroying all facilities. President Fleet gathered the cadets, wired the president of Culver Military Academy, and boarded the group on a train to Indiana. MMA was no longer, until 1900, when the townspeople built a new campus and reintroduced the program. Since then, MMA has prepared young men from around the world for college and life.

Other Programs at MMA

  • Camp Credit / Camp Core Skills / ESL Summer Camp
    missouri military academy

    Camp Credit / Camp Core Skills / ESL Summer Camp


    This is a structured, success-oriented academic program that helps young people discover the keys to academic success as they improve their confidence in and out of the classroom. For-credit programs exist for students in grades 9-12, with a core skills course for students grades 7-8.

    • Boys Only
    • Grades: 7 - 12
    • Cost: $3,850
    • Dates Unknown

  • Leadership and Confidence Camp
    missouri military academy

    Leadership and Confidence Camp


    MMA offers age-appropriate options for summer camp, focusing on the development of young leaders who possess true self confidence. The Confidence Camp for ages 8-11 is all about teamwork and teaching self-reflection – each activity has a self-review component to help young people learn to develop the ability to grow from experiences. The same is true for the more leadership-oriented camp for boys ages 12-17, however, the activities provide more challenge and opportunity for development of advanced team building, decision making and motivational skills.

    • Boys Only
    • Grades: 4 - 12
    • Cost: $2,100
    • Dates Unknown

  • Postgraduate Gap Year

    Postgraduate Gap Year


    Missouri Military Academy offers a postgraduate gap year for recent high school graduates who want to refine their study skills, better prepare themselves for a successful college career, and maximize their college acceptance opportunities. Young men can especially benefit from a post-graduate year prior to entering college.

    • Boys Only
    • Grades: Post Graduate
    • Cost: $32,500

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $38,000
Day Student Tuition: $9,100
International Tuition, Room & Board: $38,800

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Total Enrollment:260
Acceptance Rate:80%
Application Deadline:Rolling
Application Fee:$25
International Application Fee:$75
Financial Aid Offered:No
Scholarships Available:Yes

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  • Joel Spurlock
    2017-03-20 18:01:16

    From the lakeside barracks, across the landscape encompassing the classic chapel, the parapets of the quasi-ancient buildings maintain a clearly wonderful and beautiful timeless view of a long standing traditional men's educational center delivered in a military theme. Even though Stribling Hall has been completely rebuilt, one would not know this from a drawing, or even most photographs. A school where alumni return to see it exactly as they left it...just more modern. One cannot dispute the beauty of this institution.

  • Nelson Engelbrecht
    2017-03-08 14:35:30

    My brother-in-law attend Missouri Military Academy back in the early 70s. His sister, my wife, and I joined the parents for a weekend at MMA. What a wonderful school and experience.

  • James Daar
    2017-03-08 11:47:03

    The large oak's that line the Senior Walk are spectacular,also the fact that Gen.U.S. Grant fought a battle on the sight of the campus,makes this a special place.

  • Suzanne Lockhart
    2017-03-08 08:44:00

    MMA is a gorgeous campus with wonderful staff. My son was there for 5 years. Fantastic school. I highly recommend it.

  • Jamie Eckles
    2017-03-08 03:33:55

    I wish they used a better photo of our beautiful campus. Most of the buildings have now been replaced with similar but modern structures. MMA shaped me into a better person who values integrity, loyalty, and honor.

  • John Tredway
    2017-03-07 20:40:28

    Missouri Military Academy is a proud and distinguished Institution, having developed and mentored young men across the world for over 128 years. As a Class of 1987 Graduate, My 4 short years at MMA taught me self-discipline, team work and leadership skills that I would never have been able achieve otherwise. With their outstanding academic curriculum, athletics and other activities, MMA is a solid, well-rounded school that can provide a great foundation and better-prepare young minds for the future. I would not be where I am today, a successful, retired Navy Chief Petty Officer, without the knowledge and experiences I encountered while attending this Institution. Highly Recommended!

  • James Cusack
    2017-03-07 20:23:34

    I attended the Missouri Military Academy for 4 years. The photo shown in the list of schools to vote for does not at all show how beautiful it is. The views of front campus across the lake or looking up the front entry drive towards the administration building are outstanding. I believe MMA is without question the most beautiful military school in the USA. In fact, in my opinion I believe it is at or near the top of the list for the most beautiful campus of any high school, college or university in the nation. Visit their website to see photos of the campus and facilities. Truly outstanding.

  • Rodrigo Navarro
    2017-03-07 13:09:36

    An amazing institution with a 100% college acceptance, I spent 2 years of my life in that place and they taught me skills that I currently use for my working career, the Discipline and Leadership that I acquired during my studies at MMA have had an Impact in my life.

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