Most Beautiful Military School

Most beautiful military school

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These fine schools are the most beautiful Military Boarding Schools as decided upon by the internet. Thank you to all cadets, alumni, parents, families, friends, and all others, who took the time to vote. We hope you had as much fun as we did.

All of these schools are beautiful and it is really hard to rank them. The purpose of this poll was to raise awareness of the awesomeness of all of these schools and in this we succeeded.

New Mexico Military Institute

First Place

, Grades through
More about New Mexico Military Institute

Randolph-Macon Academy


, Grades through
More about Randolph-Macon Academy

Riverside Military Academy


, Grades through
More about Riverside Military Academy

Lyman Ward Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Lyman Ward Military Academy

St Johns Military School
, Grades through
More about St Johns Military School

Missouri Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Missouri Military Academy

Hargrave Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Hargrave Military Academy

St Catherines Academy
, Grades through
More about St Catherines Academy

TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas
, Grades through
More about TMI - The Episcopal School of Texas

Fishburne Military School
, Grades through
More about Fishburne Military School

Fork Union Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Fork Union Military Academy

Admiral Farragut Academy
, Grades through
More about Admiral Farragut Academy

New York Military Academy
, Grades through
More about New York Military Academy

Marine Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Marine Military Academy

Massanutten Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Massanutten Military Academy

Army and Navy Academy
, Grades through
More about Army and Navy Academy

Howe Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Howe Military Academy

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Oak Ridge Military Academy
, Grades through
More about Oak Ridge Military Academy


  • John
    2017-09-26 14:14:42

    Missing Culver Military Academy. Definitely would be the best overall school on this list.

  • Lemuel Roberts lll
    2017-08-11 22:45:44

    Fork Union Military Academy is the Gold standard for Military Schools. Founded in 1898 it is still going strong today. Located in the rolling hills of central Virginia gives the Academy a beautiful location. It has grades 9 to 12 and a postgraduate program. FUMA has produced 2 Heisman Trophy winners and the largest number of NFL players of any high school or prep/military school in the country. Its unique one subject plan has increased honor roll by 50%. As a1963 graduate I'm proud to be a member of the FUMA Long Gray Line.

  • Jesse F Montgomery III
    2017-06-09 15:55:02

    Class of 1955 at Oak Ridge Military Institute. Great school with great instructors. Went directly to NC State and majored in Aeronautical Engineering and graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Option in 1960. At that time Oak Ridge was grades 9-12 plus a 2 yr. Junior College. Suffice it to say that I could have never gotten through NC State if I hadn't gone to high school at Oak Ridge. I was also allowed to take College Trig since my grades were ok. I didn't get a 'credit' for it but the Trig and other math/physics/ chemistry provided a great foundation for college. Class sizes were very small and discipline problems were unheard of. Thanks Capt Weaver and all the staff at Oak Ridge in 1953-55.

  • Shama
    2017-03-30 06:22:03

    Riverside Military Academy is on 200 acres of forest, bordering the beautiful Lake Lanier. Not only are the facilities designed like a beautiful castle, the beautiful surroundings in North Georgia are incomparable. Although, the dining hall is comparable to that of Hogwarts. This place is beautiful. Vote Riverside!!!!!!

  • Joyce (Umstot) Holroyd
    2017-03-29 04:58:49

    I was living on this campus when I had my children. Their father Samuel G. Umstot, who was killed in action in Vietnam, was a professor here for three years. This is a beautiful campus. Please cast your votes.

  • Dawn
    2017-03-29 06:42:07

    Randolph-Macon Academy is not a Military School. It is a private prep school with a ROTC program. However, it is a pretty campus.

  • Sam "Chip" Cook
    2017-03-08 09:34:40

    Yes, I have been to Randolph Macon Academy several times, and the surrounding Shenandoah Valley is just beautiful. I have also visited the campus of St. John’s Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin, and the Nobel Victory Memorial Chapel is a site to behold. And then there is Valley Forge, with its grand colonial revival buildings across a picturesque campus…I mean, Taps was filmed at VF, need I say more? But the grounds of Oak Ridge Military Academy are a special place…it’s really hallowed ground. Sometime around 1862, nearly all of the males in the student body left to fight for the Confederacy. Three years later in 1865, the Union Army marched in site of the school, down the old Salisbury Road, marking the era of Reconstruction in North Carolina. But Oak Ridge continued, reopening in 1866, even after a great fire (one of many in the history of the school) destroyed the main academic building. During the Second World War 127 of the academy's alumni were awarded a Purple Heart during the conflict, while another 27 alumni earned the Silver Star. With an average yearly enrollment of 200 in its 160+ year history, that speaks volumes of the character of this place. You can FEEL it when you are on the campus. Things happened here! Boys and girls became men and women at ORMA, and went off to not only be part of history, but to MAKE history!

  • Jorge cortes
    2017-03-14 13:01:34

    You guys are missing St. John's Northwestern Military Academy (SJNMA) im Delafield Wisconsin

  • John Walker
    2017-03-10 10:21:30

    As others have stated about Missouri Military Academy (MMA), a better picture should have used even though the new administration building, which is pictured, is a remarkable structure. The front "lawn" with its massive old trees, verdant green lawn stretching for blocks along its Grand Street boundary, and placid lake with willow branches kissing the lake's placid surface provides a magnificent "lead in" to the new traditional style buildings that dot the campus spreading back from Grand Street. The chapel near the lake has a beautiful large stained glass window (Tiffany I believe). Barracks E borders the lake. The new academic hall is spectacular. The huge field house has played host to the Miss Missouri Pageant for decades. I have fond memories of the stables, which is where I learned to ride. And, when you think of MMA you also must include the rustic splendor and wonder which Lake MisMilaca offers its students. MMA has a long tradition of helping young men to become scholars, leaders, enjoy athletics, and to become gentlemen. MMA is not only a beautiful place but its creed continues to provide a strong sense of integrity and pride to its many alumni around the world. MMA has been and will be a source of fond memories to last a life time for each alumnus. MMA Colonels support MMA!

  • Mason Preddy
    2017-03-09 18:02:10

    Go FUMA!!

  • Amy Butler-Vlahovic
    2017-03-09 17:07:15

    We need a current picture of our beautiful campus at Wentworth Military Academy!!!!!! The picture now doesn't do her justice! Thank you Andrew Erickson for this article. GO DRAGONS!!!!!! Wentworth that we love so well, we'll always be true & stand by you!!!

  • D. Phokken Simard
    2017-03-08 19:37:14

    Fishburne is an excellent school. CAISSONS!

  • Crosby L Taylor
    2017-03-08 11:05:14

    Spent my freshman year at Missouri Military Academy but transfered to and graduated from a school conspicuously absent from your poll. What about Culver Military Academy in Culver In.? Surely the shores of Lake Maxinkuckee deserve a consideration.

  • Gary Phillips
    2017-03-08 03:28:56

    Could you please use a better photo for Missouri Military Academy? In a competition for "most beautiful campus" that photo doesn't do the school justice at all. With so many others have long-view shots of their campus, it's an unfair comparison. Thank you.

  • Ken
    2017-03-06 19:01:34

    Loved my time at LWMA. It helped formed me into the man I am today.

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