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On Friday, July 10, 2017, Militaryschooler contributor Andrew Erickson interviewed Captain Mark Black USN Ret., Superintendent of Fishburne Military School. The following is a transcript of the interview:

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Andrew Erickson: This is Andrew Erickson. You are listening to (reading) the Militaryschooler podcast. This episode is the second in our Head of Schools Series, where we interview the Heads of many of these fine schools. Today we are starting a little unconventionally with a story.

Mark Black: When I first got to my first squadron, me and a couple other guys that were brand new to the airwing, we were not all in the same squadron - we flew different aircraft but we knew each other - as we were sitting in the what we would call the dirty shirt on the ship (it's where the aviators ate), because we were not allowed to go down into the ship's mess because we were always wearing flight suits and we were dirty and stinky and all that kind of stuff. As we are sitting there, CAG, the Carrier Air Group Commander, who is essentially the boss of our boss, we were in squadrons so our Co's, our commanding officers, worked for the CAG. He was actually a very polished individual, but he was a legendary F-4 Phantom guy in Vietnam. Probably over 300 missions.

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