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On Monday, September 17, 2018, Militaryschooler contributor Andrew Erickson interviewed Major General Walt Lord US Army Retired, President of Valley Forge Military Academy and College. The following is a transcript of the interview:

Walt Lord: For us, the cadet experience is delivered via 5 cornerstones of a Valley Forge education. Academic Excellence, Physical Development, Personal Motivation, Character Development, and Leadership. And the leadership piece is a common thread throughout everything else we do here at this school. And I think what makes us different and what makes any military school different is the fact that our boarding program includes that leadership piece.

Andrew Erickson: Welcome to the Militaryschooler podcast, where we bring you inside these unique schools and help to tell their stories. This is the third episode of our Head of Schools series. Today we are joined by Major General Walt Lord from Valley Forge Military Academy and College. Along with being the President of the Academy, General Lord is also an alumnus and was once a plebe and then a cadet leader at his fine school.

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