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Randolph-Macon Quickfacts:

Coed | Full Boarding, 5-Day, Day, & International | Grades: 6 - 12 & Postgrad

Front Royal, VA, USA


Randolph Macon Academy Campus

Mission: Randolph-Macon Academy develops students of academic achievement, integrity, leadership, and responsible citizenship, prepared for success in life.

Students Soar Here.

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  • Academics

    Randolph-Macon Academics: http://www.rma.edu/upper-school-academics

    Randolph-Macon Academy is a college-prep military school. Which provides rigorous academics and military structure to all of their cadets.

    AP and College Classes

    • AP Art History
    • AP Biology
    • AP Calculus
    • AP Chemistry
    • AP English Literature And Composition
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP European History
    • AP French
    • AP German
    • AP Physics
    • AP Psychology
    • AP Spanish
    • AP Statistics
    • AP US Government
    • AP US History
    • Geospatial Science
    • Introduction To Plant Science And Technology
    • Math 101 - Precalculus I
    • Math 102 - Precalculus II


    • French
    • German
    • Spanish


    VAIS | AdvancED (SACS) | AMCSUS

    Degrees Offered

    Honors College Prep, College Prep

    Boarding Graph


    Average Class Size:15
    College Attendance:96%
    Military Service:10%
    Total Faculty:41
    Advanced Degrees:25
    ESL Program:Yes
    ADD/ADHD Support:No
    Learning Differences Support:No

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  • Military
    Randolph Macon Academy Band

    Air Force JROTC is a key component of leadership training at R-MA.

    Military Activities

    • Armed Drill
    • Color Guard
    • Cyberpatriot
    • Flag Corps
    • Saber Team
    • Unarmed Drill


  • Athletics / Clubs / Activities

    Randolph-Macon Athletics: http://www.rma.edu/athletics

    Randolph Macon Academy Avaitation

    Offering 20 sports, R-MA has something for everyone.


    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cheer Leading
    • Cross Country
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Lacrosse
    • Soccer
    • Softball
    • Swimming
    • Tennis
    • Track And Field
    • Volleyball
    • Wrestling

    Clubs & Activities

    • Alpha Readers Book Club
    • Art Club
    • Aviation
    • Cadets-in-action
    • Chess Club
    • Drama Club
    • Film Club
    • Games Club
    • Great Thinkers Club
    • Green Team
    • Interact Community Service Club
    • Journalism/media Team
    • National Honors Society
    • National Junior Honors Society
    • Rocketry Club
    • Soccer Skill/conditioning
    • Speech And Debate
    • The Beacon Bible Study
    • Weight Training
    • Winter Indoor Lacrosse/conditioning
    • Yearbook


Other Programs at Randolph-Macon

  • Randolph-Macon Academy Summer School
    randolph macon summer school

    Randolph-Macon Academy Summer School


    Students can earn high school credits in only four weeks. Students may take one full-day class (a core course never taken before, worth one full high school credit) or two half-day classes (an elective class worth one-half credit and/or a repeat class providing a full high school credit.) Classes are held Monday through Saturday. Evenings provide a chance to relax, participate in on-campus activities, or go into town for an activity. Saturday classes run through noon, after which students head to an amusement park for the day. Sunday is a day to relax on campus or enjoy the town of Front Royal. This is a structured, civilian program (students wear khaki pants and polo shirts.) Typically runs four weeks in July.

    • Coed
    • Grades: 9 - 12
    • Cost: $4,585 to $4,840
    • Dates Unknown

  • Middle School Enrichment Camp
    randolph-macon summer camp

    Middle School Enrichment Camp


    Middle School campers enjoy the best of a fun, active camp and an academic camp in this blended session. Campers take four classes in the morning; the rest of the day they enjoy activities including sports, arts and crafts, swimming, laser tag, bowling, campfires, hiking, community service projects, and more. There are no Saturday classes; weekends are reserved for trips to amusement parks and state parks, among other activities

    • Coed
    • Grades: 6 - 8
    • Cost: $1,285 to $4,610
    • Dates Unknown

  • Randolph-Macon Flight Camp
    randolpn-macon aviation camp

    Randolph-Macon Flight Camp


    This is a unique in-house program: both instructors are R-MA employees, and R-MA owns the two aircraft used for training. In addition to flight time, students learn from industry professionals, visit aviation businesses and museums, and fly unmanned/remote aircraft.

    • Coed
    • Grades: 9 - 12
    • Cost: $4,660 to $6,660
    • Dates Unknown

  • Falcon Scholars

    Falcon Scholars


    The Falcon Scholars program is available for high school graduates who have received a nomination to the United States Air Force Academy.

    • Coed
    • Grades: Post Graduate
    • Cost: $7,500

Upcoming Randolph-Macon Events

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Randolph-Macon Admissions

Randolph-Macon Admissions: http://www.rma.edu/admissions

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $39,771
5 Day Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $25,872
Day Student Tuition: $17,546
International Tuition, Room & Board: $43,251

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Grades Graph

International Students

Total Enrollment:340
Application Deadline:Priority/rolling
Application Fee:$75
International Application Fee:$200
Financial Aid Offered:No
Scholarships Available:Yes

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  • Mary kim waddell
    2017-04-02 19:46:40

    Amazing college prep school that allows students to grow in their leadership skills and experience the structure of military. Couldn't be happier with the education it is providing.

  • Harold Robinson
    2017-04-01 12:02:19

    RMA was truly and is one if the most beautiful schools in the setting it embraces. It provided me with a year of great memories and friends that will last a life time. It provides positive role models that young men and women of today are seeking. RMA will prepare you for the future and the challenges you will face. Trust me, once you visit you will fall in love with it's charm and beauty. I was fortunate to attend and enjoy the beauty on a daily basis. I miss my many friends but my roommate is still my best friend after 50 years! I would do anything to be able to give back what RMA gave me!!! Thanks RMA.

  • Kelly Kern
    2017-03-30 14:21:39

    Hello, I would like to show my appreciation to the City on the Hill as the most beautiful military school ever. I might add that I'll have two sons graduated from RMA as of 2018 and the academy is not only beautiful but totally awesome. A must to see!!!!

  • Joyce (Umstot) Holroyd
    2017-03-29 04:58:49

    I was living on this campus when I had my children. Their father Samuel G. Umstot, who was killed in action in Vietnam, was a professor here for three years. This is a beautiful campus. Please cast your votes.

  • Don McRoberts
    2017-03-28 17:06:59

    R-MA changed my life without a doubt! I was a graduate of the class of '59 and can honestly say that it was the R-MA culture that has guided me throughout my life to the person I am today. While I was raised with a loving tie to my family and faith, it was R-MA that shaped my future by building, in me, a solid foundation to live my life over the years. The beauty of the R-MA campus is simply stunning. I always loved the brilliant fall colors of the many trees on campus.

  • Emily Moore
    2017-03-28 16:14:23

    I visited RMA back in 2006 on an exchange from my school on Derbyshire, England. Not only is the campus beautiful, but the people I met there were all so warm and welcoming. I consider several of the people I met during my short stay to still be friends today despite having not seen some of them for nearly ten years. I hope to one day return and visit this beautiful location again. The exchange I took part in with RMA remains a highlight of my education, and my Jackets blanket still gets use every winter.

  • Matt Rawlings
    2017-03-25 12:17:49

    With great fondness, I recall being mustered for formation in front of Sonner Hall. Although we were being inspected, it was calming and inspiring, to start each day on top of RMA's stately Hill. The march through the campus, on the way to chapel, was filled with beauty, as the oak trees and verdant landscape was framed by the backdrop of the Blue Ridge Mountains. From RMA's perch, the vibrant orange, red and yellow hues of Autumn, the gaudy show of Spring flowers, the sparkling snow blanketing the valley in the clean, white of Winter, were always a delight to behold. In addition to the landscape and its pastoral setting, the architecture of the school invokes a sense of grandeur and stability. The true beauty of RMA though, is the values, principles and beliefs that continue to produce students dedicated to truly noble ideas, as they soar into the future with honor and integrity.

  • Cheryl Alexis
    2017-03-23 20:01:44

    R-MA is indisputably beautiful - rolling hills, mountain views, in the Shenandoah National Park area of Virginia, an absolutely gorgeous, stunning campus. I love admiring the school every time I visit. And this is from someone who grew up with the beauty of New England, so that's a genuine compliment! But R-MA is more than just a beautiful place. It's offered my daughter opportunities to become the best person she can be - in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in her dorm and social life. I've seen her grow and assume responsibility for her choices. I've seen her make mistakes and learn from the consequences. She has proudly displayed the medals and honors she's won. Where else would you hear a 16-year-old girl say that she loves marching and drilling more than going to the mall??!! Thank you, R-MA teachers and staff, for all that you do for our children. I cannot wait to see what you do with my daughter in her remaining two years. May God continue to bless you all.

  • Marie B. Pierce
    2017-03-22 15:38:52

    Absolutely Stunning Campus! What an awesome opportunity to be a student there.

  • Whit Wall
    2017-03-20 22:27:50

    RMA turned my life around many years ago and was truly a fresh start from the previous school I had attended. Asked "not to return" to that school my father gave me the choice of any school I wanted ...as long as it was military! Fortunately for me (and my beleaguered, frustrated parents) I chose Randolph Macon Academy. The faculty and staff were always there to encourage, mentor,support and sometimes "direct". They became my friends and "family" not my adversaries. My grades went from a previous 52 yearly average (I did pass Latin ? but that was the only class) and stayed on Honor Roll at RMA for five years allowing me top choices of colleges and universities throughout the country finally selecting Dartmouth College for my future education. RMA provided a genuinely meaningful educational and life foundation for me and so many of my classmates and schoolmates over those 5 years. The friendships, camaraderie, support and overall experience of Randolph Macon Academy more than helped shape my future as a productive citizen, loving husband and father in ways I have only recently begun to appreciate. I know I speak for many of my classmates as well. Whit Wall Class of 1970

  • John Stufflebeem
    2017-03-19 11:28:19

    Randolph-Macon Academy is nestled in the beautiful Metro DC bedroom community of Front Royal, Virginia; at the entrance to the spectacular Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah Valley and along the bucolic canoeing mecca of the Shenandoah River. But more than the physical beauty that draws thousands in the Fall to see the brilliant foliage, the golden domed campus On the Hill draws from around the world to join and enjoy all that is good about America. It is more than a picturesque stepping stone for college; it is a powerful springboard for life. R-MA not only gave me the foundation to become successful in ways I could never have imagined in my life, it is doing so for many. When alums and visitors come to the school, it feels like coming home. Its outer beauty holds only but a teaser to the inner beauty revealed to families and students who thank Front Royal for the setting and support, and R-MA for the gifts of people who care about youngsters succeeding in life. Hail to thee, my Alma Mater!

  • Sam Lee.
    2017-03-18 07:36:19

    Great school. Had a tremendous positive influence on my life. Beautiful setting. Loved the Military aspect of total education.

  • Samadara Jayarathne
    2017-03-15 15:47:50

    It's so great to work here as a chemistry teacher under our great science department, to educate young minds and produce 'Future Scientists' for the next generation. This is part of the beauty that I enjoy every day, in addition to the breathtaking beautiful mountain view around the campus. You will also never forget the spectacular 'Autumn' at R-MA during the fall season.

  • Lisa & Tom Dinackus
    2017-03-11 18:22:49

    Very well-run school with extremely dedicated teachers who really go the extra mile for the students. Everyone we have dealt with in the administration and the teaching staff have been absolutely wonderful. Our experience with R-MA has been top notch.

  • seatons
    2017-03-11 05:46:41

    Beautiful school. Class act.

  • Douglas Pratt
    2017-03-10 16:47:51

    Much more than just a beautiful school, a place where exceptional kids can thrive. I will always be grateful to the teachers and staff for giving my daughter Valerie a chance to show how brilliant she is. Five national Debate championships, graduation with honors in four AP classes, and polished off college in three years. Now she's running for office in upstate NY. You don't get that kind of confidence and leadership in an ordinary school. Thank you Mr. Davies, Mr. Barbour, Mr. Williams, Rev. Gregg and Gen. Hobgood!

  • David puster
    2017-03-07 20:00:35

    Randolph Macon Academy is a "gem" of a school in the heart of the historic Shenandoah Valley with breathtaking views! The school molds children to become great leaders that contribute to our society as productive adults. The faculty is extremely competent and caring. The leadership is visionary. Students will be challenged by the academics and Air Force program that instill discipline and confidence. Students will leave the Academy with a sense of purpose in their lives and a desire to make their lives matter. My mother felt so strongly about the school that she sent her three sons. It is now coed, so I am sure she would have sent my sister as well if the opportunity had been available. I highly recommend Randolph Macon Academy to those parents who want to see their children have a committed focus.

  • George L. McIntyre, Jr.
    2017-03-07 19:21:10

    RMA is a life saver, a life maker and a HERO in my life that I will always cherish. I NEEDED RMA. It is a dream come true for so many. My personal involvement with RMA gave me the Character, the Leadership and the Discipline I desperately needed. After having my Dad pass away when I was 13, I was suffering with need. The need was met through the education I received, from the classroom, the athletics, the military, the involvements, the mentors and the friends. This reward was far beyond anything I had ever expected or wanted. Friends and leaders over my lifetime have remained steadfast and kept my belief in myself strong. Words alone cannot truly explain the blessing and wonder of Randolph-Macon in my soul. I have been truly blessed to be a part of this amazing, wonderful school. God has Blessed Me and I am eternally grateful for this "love affair" with RMA. The men and women I have seen attend RMA are the inspiration and the leaders in society. With that being said, we reap the rewards and sew the blessings of this wonderful institution and all it represents every day. THANK YOU TO RANDOLPH-MACON ACADEMY !

  • Gerard and Jane Gawalt
    2017-03-07 18:16:15

    RMA has been a great school for three of our grandchildren. Fine academics and great setting.

  • Butch Smith
    2017-03-06 20:22:02

    There's something spectacular about Randolph Macon Academy every season. The crisp well maintained campus has a backdrop highlighted by the Smoky Mountains The academy turns out well grounded graduates with a quiet inner beauty.

  • Donnie Simpson
    2017-03-06 17:30:44

    Only there a short time as Teacher/Coach & AD. Love this school I visit as much as possible. Great school to work at and attend.

  • Bill Curl
    2017-03-06 13:36:47

    Not only is our school "beautiful to view" but the students, faculty, and staff are a joy to be around every day.

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