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Southern Prep Quickfacts:

All Boys | Full Boarding, & International | Grades: 6 - 12 & Postgrad

Camp Hill, AL, USA

tallapoosa hall

Mission: A private military boarding academy providing the best in academics, leadership, and athletics structured on a foundation of moral and ethical values that develops excellence who are prepared for the work of life.

Preparing young men for the work of life

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  • Academics


    • Spanish


    AdvancED (SACS) | AISA | AMCSUS

    Degrees Offered

    Honors College Prep, College Prep


    Average Class Size:12
    Class Schedule:4x4 Block
    College Attendance:90%
    Military Service:10%
    Total Faculty:16
    Advanced Degrees:0
    Average ACT:19
    ESL Program:No
    ADD/ADHD Support:No
    Learning Differences Support:No

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  • Military
    lyman ward military academy jrotc

    Our JROTC Program helps students with the tools be better citizens. This is a major part of the Whole Boy philosophy shared by all facets of Southern Prep life.

    Military Activities

    • Pathfinders
    • Raiders
    • Rifle Team


    The Southern Prep JROTC Department is excited about continuing to make our already excellent program an even better one.


  • Athletics / Clubs / Activities

    Southern Prep Athletics:

    lwma soccer

    Every cadet must participate in a sport each athletic season.


    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Cross Country
    • Football
    • Golf
    • Soccer
    • Track And Field

    Clubs & Activities

    • Art Club
    • Band
    • Bible Study
    • Creative Writing Club


  • History

    The Academy was founded by Dr. Lyman Ward in 1898 as a non-profit, non-denominational, co-educational institution for rural youth. The original purpose was to provide a secondary education for those with the ability to learn and the willingness to work. A long list of illustrious alumni attests to the need and the effect of the program. A charter was granted in 1901 by the State of Alabama, the school being incorporated in the name of The Southern Industrial Institute.

Other Programs at Southern Prep

  • Southern Prep Summer School
    lwma summer school

    Southern Prep Summer School

    Our summer school program is designed to provide thorough academic preparation, teaching students to recognize and begin to achieve their potential while familiarizing themselves with life at Lyman Ward.

    • Boys Only
    • Grades: 6 - 12
    • Cost: $3,000
    • Dates Unknown

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Congratulations to Cadet Mayard for receiving the Military Officers of America Medal

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Southern Prep Admissions

Southern Prep Admissions:

Boarding Tuition, Room & Board: $24,725
International Tuition, Room & Board: $26,555

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Total Enrollment:83
Application Deadline:Rolling
Application Fee:$250
International Application Fee:$250
Financial Aid Offered:No
Scholarships Available:Yes

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  • Renda Carr
    2017-03-14 14:53:48

    My husband Timothy Carr, LWMA Class of 82 is the Alum. LWMA is a beautiful school, and it is also a great school for learning. Not only do the cadets take classes in general studies, they also take classes in etiquette, military procedures, to name a few. My husband is the man he is today, because of his years at LWMA! People like Major 'Mage' Tate and Colonel Mormon, Doc. helped Tim through some of the roughest times of his life. Tim lost his Father when he was only 11 years old, and after struggling in public school, he and his Mother made the decision to enroll Tim into LWMA, and that was the defining moment that lifted Tim up above the tragic loss, and helped him move forward in life, daily life as well as career life. Everyday, LWMA comes to play in his life. He is one of the best QA persons that Spectrum has, he will take on the big problem jobs and he won't quit until the problem is solved. These types of traits he learned from LWMA and the U.S. Army and Alabama Army NG! They say the Army and Army NG makes a man out of a boy; I know from listening to Tim recount life's stories that long before boot camp; Mage, and Col. Mormon and all the other teachers had already set Tim's course and he was already a man thanks to LWMA! Any young man seeking a place where they can become more than ordinary, should check out LWMA! Renda

  • Charles Caspar
    2017-03-10 19:27:14

    I attended Lyman Ward from 2011 to 2014 and attended an experiment post graduate program after I graduated. My first couple years were a little bumpy (do in part to me being exceptionally stubborn), however when I came back my third year I was given an opportunity to do some training and serve as the battalion S4. In 2015 and every year since, LWMA has been rapidly improving and Dr. Berwick is the best of the three presidents I saw in my time at the school.

  • Terry Trey Smith
    2017-03-06 15:08:56

    I wanted to leave another comment and let everyone know of the Love I have for Lyman Ward Military Academy and the help they gave me in shaping me as a young man. LTC. Moreman (Commandant of Cadets) was a great help in me enlisting into the U.S. Army and getting a promotion right off the BAT. I would like to thank everyone up there still that appreciates my excitement for the school.

  • Terry Trey Smith
    2017-03-06 13:12:22

    Lyman Ward was my home for over 7 years and it's beauty was awesome. I woke up everyday to over 400 acres of Hilly Landscapes, Lakes, Alabama Blue Sky and lots of Spectacular Architectual Marvels such as Tallapoosa Hall (the Cadet School Building)! Walking in the wood on Campus you will explore more beauty when you see the 2 Lakes behind Football Field and you will see a Creek way back on the edge of Campus called Sandy Creek. It is and still is a dream that I was Lucky enough to attend this Academy..................Lyman Ward Military Academy!!

  • Jackson Abbett
    2016-10-04 21:59:19

    I went to Lyman ward military academy from January 2012 - May 2014. I rose from nothing to third highest rank in the cadet battalion staff in my 2 1/2 years at the school. I was very home sick my first 5 months. It was a total shock to my way of life. When I went to LWMA I had a 1.4 GPA within 3 months I had a 3.0. I loved my last 2 years there. Now not everyone does. There are cadets who want nothing to do with the school. They will come and go. But the ones who take what the academy has to offer will go far in life. At my public school in Alabama pre LWMA I was just a number. I did not care about school I just wanted to be at home. At LWMA I was a different person. Now yes I had my days but most of the time I felt great. My grades were a lot better. I had a social life I was with life long time brothers. At public school u think u have best friends forever, but after you graduate u probably will never see or talk with them again. That never happens at military academy's. I graduated in a class of 19 cadets. I can tell you everything about them I still talk with all of them. Now if you do your research like I did before I attended here you will find negativity and hatred for the school. Theses stories come from people who did not take what the school had to offer. I miss being apart of LWMA I go back to all major events if I can get off from work. If u have any questions about this school feel free to contact me at

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